Tuesday, November 29, 2016

That's Going to Hurt in the Morning....

Forgive me all when I say this email is going to be short. Not much happened this week But I will make it up with pictures.
So this past week we had Thanksgiving. But they don't celebrate it down here in JA. But on the day of thanksgiving we had zone conference which basically took up most of our day. But after we went to Burger King for our Thanksgiving dinner! Dad you would be so jealous.. 
As well this week why we weren't able to get on on Monday is because they have local elections going on down here, and we were on lockdown all day in our house. 
Basically there has been a lot of violence going on down here in Spanish town that people are dying left and right. So they made sure that we stayed safe and stayed home. We got a lot done by cleaning our house. We will finally be moving in this week. This is for sure.
So Our investigator Alex was 2 weeks away from being baptized and he sent us a text and told us the mormons are not for him. He knew everything was true and he kept commitments. Lets just say that Satan is working over time to make sure people give in to temptation. It is ok though, so we will set him aside for a while and check back with him.
But this week I did a backflip for Elder Hatch and some investigators and I totally ripped my pants. Nailed the backflip though. Totally worth it. 
As well this morning we went hiking with the Zone Leaders and we took some really good pics. But I took a nasty fall and cut open my leg, and thumb.. Hopefully I wont need stitches. But the view was beautiful. Enjoy the cold weather.

I love you all!
I keep you in my prayers.

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