Saturday, November 12, 2016

Too Close For Comfort!!!!!(AARGH)

So this week was a very interesting week. We were busy all day long every single day. We were rushing everywhere to get on time to our appointments. I will tell you that the drivers down here are crazy, especially the taxi drivers.. I will tell you from experience that you need to be a defensive bike rider as well. We were heading to an appointment and we were riding our bikes really fast. And I saw this taxi going to pass this car that was coming at us.. I want you to try to imagine what happened next.. Yep the taxi licked me haha. Well just the mirror. My shoulder took that thing right off, but the taxi man just kept driving away and I was just super confused about what had happened. But he drove away so he must have known that it was his fault. And as well Something that happens very often that I think is hilarious, is When Elder Hatch and I are riding to lessons there are a bunch of Jamaican women that call out to Elder Hatch and call him sweetheart. I think it is so funny that every time it happens I look at him and say good for you Elder.
What can I say people really like California boys.
But we do have some very exciting news.. We will be moving into our new house this week. Most likely tomorrow or Wednesday. But Elder Hatch and I had to do everything. So we went and looked at it as well as our Financial Secretary for our mission and when we got there he said that this is probably the nicest house in the mission. When we get all moved in and stuff I will make sure to send you all pictures of this new home. But it is in cookie cutter scheme so all of them look the exact same!
I finally saw my first scorpion here as well. But the interesting thing that happened is when I tried to kick it away the scorpion stabbed my shoe with is tail. It was so close to piercing my shoes and stinging me, that would of been a real treat. But I got it off and stepped on it. The scorpion was about the size of a Dollar bill!

But this weekend Elder Hatch and I had the opportunity to have another baptism. It was for a young man named Cleon. He is 16 years of age and loves church. He loves the whole thing about eternal like and the Celestial kingdom. He is so funny and he dances like michael Jackson and he is really good at it. Sorry Zoey... He might be a little better. JK! But he was able to receive the priesthood yesterday and it was just overall a really good experience. We are now teaching these two young men named Alex who is 19 years old, and Adrian who is 14 years old. They are so smart and love the Plan of Salvation. They should be baptized here at the end of the month. We are finding a lot of success, especially since we extend about 70 baptismal invitations a week. I know it may sound weird but we extend it on first contact which is a lot of fun. But we had Adrian at church and he said he loved it. He also had some questions about the priesthood. And I got to answer those for him. As well I blessed the sacrament for the first time down here on sunday. I was really cool because we kneel on a pillow and have to shout the sacrament since they don't have any speakers.

But I am glad that I am alive and didn't get licked down by a taxi. I know that the lord watches over his servants!

I love you all!
I look forward to hearing from you all next week!
Elder Gibbons

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