Tuesday, November 29, 2016

That's Going to Hurt in the Morning....

Forgive me all when I say this email is going to be short. Not much happened this week But I will make it up with pictures.
So this past week we had Thanksgiving. But they don't celebrate it down here in JA. But on the day of thanksgiving we had zone conference which basically took up most of our day. But after we went to Burger King for our Thanksgiving dinner! Dad you would be so jealous.. 
As well this week why we weren't able to get on on Monday is because they have local elections going on down here, and we were on lockdown all day in our house. 
Basically there has been a lot of violence going on down here in Spanish town that people are dying left and right. So they made sure that we stayed safe and stayed home. We got a lot done by cleaning our house. We will finally be moving in this week. This is for sure.
So Our investigator Alex was 2 weeks away from being baptized and he sent us a text and told us the mormons are not for him. He knew everything was true and he kept commitments. Lets just say that Satan is working over time to make sure people give in to temptation. It is ok though, so we will set him aside for a while and check back with him.
But this week I did a backflip for Elder Hatch and some investigators and I totally ripped my pants. Nailed the backflip though. Totally worth it. 
As well this morning we went hiking with the Zone Leaders and we took some really good pics. But I took a nasty fall and cut open my leg, and thumb.. Hopefully I wont need stitches. But the view was beautiful. Enjoy the cold weather.

I love you all!
I keep you in my prayers.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Month 5!

So today I hit my 5 month mark!! It is crazy how fast it has gone by... But there was not to much that happened this week just really busy with a lot of lessons. So in total this week I think we may have taught about 40 lessons. You may not think that is a lot but it is way above average! But sadly we had 5 investigators promise us that they were going to be at church and we had a whopping zero show up. Jamaicans just don't know that when they promise us they are going to be at church, they are promising god! We will have a much better week this week. We are going to involve more members this week so we can get more fellowship for these investigators. Because the member is the most important part for an investigators conversion. They will be there to help them and frequently check up on them. 
But this week we had an awkward encounter with a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses. They approached us and started talking to us. It is so funny to notice when someone is nervous. This young man was shaking so bad! Elder Hatch and I just played it cool and were super bold. We did not bash or argue with them we just shared our message with them and their's with us. But you can tell the difference between someone who knows true doctrine and has the lord on their side then someone who does not. The lord is always with us and gives us the things that we need to say when we need them most!
But every Sunday we get invited to go up to a member house in the ward and eat dinner with the other Elders. But this is not some ordinary dinner it is a dinner that she tries to feed you to much. Her goal is to try to make enough food that the missionaries can not finish it. Just from eating at her house I feel like I gain 3 pounds!! I will tell you that biking for the rest of the week is so hard haha. But she loves the missionaries and is super aggressive!
But this week I had the opportunity to try a new fruit. It is called Jack-fruit! It has been decided that Pineapple and Jack-fruit are my new favorites. I could basically live off of them. 

Not to much this week but there will be next week!
I love you all so much<3
Thank you for your prayers!
God Speed!

Love Stone

PS No pictures again this week - He said not enough time (SLACKER) 

Monday, November 14, 2016

If it would ever happen.....

This week was a crazy busy week let me tell you.. So this week was transfer calls and One of our zone leaders was transferred to the Bahama's. That was Elder Anderson (from Riverton Also). So for the past couple of days Elder Hatch and I have been in the Trio with our Zone leader Elder Greenwade. This means for the past couple of days we have been able to ride around in a truck and teach twice as many lessons. We have been finding so much success and I can't believe the lessons we are having. They have been super spiritual and The investigators have been keeping commitments Like it is nothing. But going along with the success that we have been finding through the investigators, our recent converts have been doing so good with continually coming to church. As well they have been exercising their priesthood and have been passing the sacrament. It is really cool to see how the spirit can influence someones life and change them in the most magnificent ways. And along with church we had an investigator come this week named Alex. He is 19 years old and progressing super well. He even participated in class and gave the most amazing answers. He is suppose to be baptized on Dec 4
But this week we also had zone meeting. And for my birthday another missionary gave me a wooden giraffe. His name is Elder Markwalter. He is super funny and he was in the MTC with me. But It was super nice of him to get me a Jamaican Giraffe. I keep it at my study desk. I really want to get a jamaican lion, or monkey, or turtle, or panda, But they are super cool and it would be a good souveneir. 
But this week there was another funeral held at our church and we were invited to attend. So we did and honestly it was so much drama and weeping and wailing. In the middle people where invited to give a tribute, so Elder Greenwade got up there and told them that God has a plan for them and that after the service we would be by the doors and talk to anyone that was interested in the plan of salvation. Long story short,  no one came up to talk to us at the end which is disappointing.. but oh well..
So I don't know if you remember But we were suppose to move and we still haven't. If it would ever happen....
I don't know what is going on but I still need to learn patience, because it is a virtue.
I am super excited for this week coming up though. We have some really good people that we are going to see as well as some new missionaries are coming in. My training duties are almost over here with Elder Hatch. I can't believe we are already half way through. Time flys when you are having fun and working hard.
I love you all so much!
You continue to be in my prayers. 
I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Love Elder Gibbons

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Too Close For Comfort!!!!!(AARGH)

So this week was a very interesting week. We were busy all day long every single day. We were rushing everywhere to get on time to our appointments. I will tell you that the drivers down here are crazy, especially the taxi drivers.. I will tell you from experience that you need to be a defensive bike rider as well. We were heading to an appointment and we were riding our bikes really fast. And I saw this taxi going to pass this car that was coming at us.. I want you to try to imagine what happened next.. Yep the taxi licked me haha. Well just the mirror. My shoulder took that thing right off, but the taxi man just kept driving away and I was just super confused about what had happened. But he drove away so he must have known that it was his fault. And as well Something that happens very often that I think is hilarious, is When Elder Hatch and I are riding to lessons there are a bunch of Jamaican women that call out to Elder Hatch and call him sweetheart. I think it is so funny that every time it happens I look at him and say good for you Elder.
What can I say people really like California boys.
But we do have some very exciting news.. We will be moving into our new house this week. Most likely tomorrow or Wednesday. But Elder Hatch and I had to do everything. So we went and looked at it as well as our Financial Secretary for our mission and when we got there he said that this is probably the nicest house in the mission. When we get all moved in and stuff I will make sure to send you all pictures of this new home. But it is in cookie cutter scheme so all of them look the exact same!
I finally saw my first scorpion here as well. But the interesting thing that happened is when I tried to kick it away the scorpion stabbed my shoe with is tail. It was so close to piercing my shoes and stinging me, that would of been a real treat. But I got it off and stepped on it. The scorpion was about the size of a Dollar bill!

But this weekend Elder Hatch and I had the opportunity to have another baptism. It was for a young man named Cleon. He is 16 years of age and loves church. He loves the whole thing about eternal like and the Celestial kingdom. He is so funny and he dances like michael Jackson and he is really good at it. Sorry Zoey... He might be a little better. JK! But he was able to receive the priesthood yesterday and it was just overall a really good experience. We are now teaching these two young men named Alex who is 19 years old, and Adrian who is 14 years old. They are so smart and love the Plan of Salvation. They should be baptized here at the end of the month. We are finding a lot of success, especially since we extend about 70 baptismal invitations a week. I know it may sound weird but we extend it on first contact which is a lot of fun. But we had Adrian at church and he said he loved it. He also had some questions about the priesthood. And I got to answer those for him. As well I blessed the sacrament for the first time down here on sunday. I was really cool because we kneel on a pillow and have to shout the sacrament since they don't have any speakers.

But I am glad that I am alive and didn't get licked down by a taxi. I know that the lord watches over his servants!

I love you all!
I look forward to hearing from you all next week!
Elder Gibbons

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

So this week was hectic.
Elder Hatch and I are trying to find a new place to stay and it looks like we might have found one.
The reason that we are moving is because of mainly 2 things.
1.) Our house is infested with mice and we have killed about 5 of them so far.
2.) There are literally cockroaches all over the place. I even think a couple of them are flying too.?
Yeah so we have been busy taking care of that whole situation.
But we should be moving here in the next couple of weeks into a nice house!
Basically we have been contacting every single day for most of the day. And we have met some pretty interesting people.
One guy we met said that he was and alien. I couldn't help but laugh.
But as we were contacting around, we came across this young man who runs track. 
He runs an 11 flat 100 meter dash. 
He is actually really quick.
But He challenged us to a race and Elder Hatch beat him once and lost to him once.
I beat him once and lost to him once as well.
But he decided after that to give us his number and told us to come by anytime to share your message with me.
So Elder Hatch and I have faith that we are going to baptize him.
But speaking of baptism is we have another one this weekend.
It is for a young man named Cleon.
He is 16 years old and loves to dance like Michael Jackson haha.
But the lord prepares those for you when you are obedient and diligent.
We have gotten to see many miracles happen because of this.

But last P-day, us missionaries got together and played indoor futbol. We play it with a tennis ball and it is so hard but yet so fun.
I get picked first almost every time. 
I would say I am good but it is literally luck when my shots go in.
But after that we went out and played rugby. 
My team destroyed the other team.
They couldn't keep up with our speed and our quickness. 
But I was playing barefoot and there were little ant piles in the grass and my feet got eaten up.

This week we had a couple opportunities to give service.
1.) We went up to a members house on saturday to finish build his house. But we didn't do any building all we did was dig holes for a sceptic tank... It is basically a poop hole.
But we got covered in red mud from our head to our toes.
Then after ward he had me climb a tree to pick some kniesberries.
The tree was so tall. But we all know that I am still a spider monkey.
2.) We helped our land lord clean up his yard and as well as ours.
So I got to chop some yard with a Machete and also mow as well.
We had to trim some bushes as well as cut down a whole entire tree.
The reason we cut down a tree is because our next door neighbor was going crazy and telling our land lord that someone is going to hide in that tree and spy on them.
Some people are just nutz!!

But Elder Hatch and I have been craving Peanut butter and banana and honey sandwiches. We have gotten so much bread and honey and peanut butter that I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat it when I get home.
It has been so good though and gives me a little bit more time to come in and lay down for a few minutes.

Happy Halloween everyone!
I hope everyone has a memorable day.
They don't celebrate Halloween down here so no candy or sweeties for me...

And as well for today Elder Hatch challenged one of the other Elders in our district named Elder Lewis to a rap battle today.
It is going to be so funny to see how it all goes down.
They are going to be spitting straight fire at each other, and roasting one another.
I am so pumped to see whaaguan!

I love you!
Thank you for your support!
Talk to you next week. 

Elder Gibbons