Monday, August 14, 2017

14 August 2017 WEEK 60

How have you lost yourself in the Lord's work? I share my answer with all of you. As full time missionaries, I think there will be many opportunities for us to apply the principles contained therein. We will always say yes to the Lord. We will do whatever we are asked to do, without a moment's hesitation. We do not need to think about it, or consider the practical implications of accepting the call. If we are asked, we will say yes. His will is more important than our own will or desires. Way more important. I hope this answers your question. We love serving. We love our Heavenly Father. We love his Son. We are happy!

I wanted to give you an update about how our area is doing! So this week, I had the opportunity to say goodbye to Elder Houston, and send him, off his way to Grand Cayman. But little wonder, I was suppose to be receiving Elder Burin, who is originally from Haiti. We got a call from the Assistants to the President, that he will not be coming and I will be receiving Elder Johansen. So we have been going crazy bouncing off every wall trying to figure out the whole visa situation with Elder Burin. But Immigration has been cracking down over here in Turks, and starting today they are going to be going around and deporting anybody who is Illegal on the Island. Good for me I am not illegal. Other than that, I am super excited to get to serve with Elder Johansen. He only has a couple weeks left on his mission, but he is an amazing hard working missionary.

Things have been difficult here in the Turks. It just seems to be that we can not get anybody to understand the teaching that we are putting forth. I feel like at the end of the day we can not put the message anymore simple to fit their needs. But we still love them it just takes a lot of patience. 

We had a great zone conference that was held via skype this last weekend. We had our mission tour with Elder Alanzo. We have been really focusing on not only becoming like Jesus Christ, But to strive to be Jesus Christ. I have began to understand in more depth the ministry of Jesus Christ, and overall who he is and was. I can say with a surety that I love the people in the Turks and Caicos so much, despite all the challenges, and hardships. I just want them to know how important this message is! Pray for us that we may find success and bring them in! 

-Elder Gibbons-

Keep Trying. Keep Pushing. Keep Believing. Keep Growing. Heaven is Cheering You on Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

Monday, August 7, 2017

7 August 2017 Week 59

The dawning of a new day! As the months rolled past, we learned how to teach interactively, using scriptures and inspired questions, as taught by Elder Gamiette. We were more excited than ever! The months rolled by. Feelings such as “Why isn’t anything working as we thought it would?” crept into my thoughts.

Elder Gamiette counseled us to find our purpose; to find the one thing that the Lord sent me here to do. I am so grateful for this timely call, his counsel, and his encouraging words. His call and counsel have brought focus to my work once more. I believe I have found my purpose here.

I commit starting right now to be relentlessly positive, to not be inward focused, to become more like Jesus. Not just to act like Him, but to be like him in my heart and soul. 

It's a Beautiful, sunny morning here in the Turks and Caicos!
-Elder Gibbons-

Keep Trying. Keep Pushing. Keep Believing. Keep Growing. Heaven is Cheering You on Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

Monday, July 31, 2017

31 July 2017 Week 58

I feel the need to focus on "universal truth" topics; topics that will build us a strong foundation. What better foundation can we have than a focus on Jesus Christ and his Atonement. As such, today I share with you a portion of a talk given by Neal A. Maxwell in 1998 and a BYU Women's Conference. 

Examples of Christ’s Character

A few examples of the character of Christ will illustrate what we are to emulate, even for the already conscientious. Because we view Christ as the Light of the World, it is by His light that we should see everything else. Disciples are the real realists, whatever irreligionists may say or think.
Unlike God and Jesus, who are omniscient, you and I are often perplexed. We can be unsettled by the unexpected or made uneasy by the unknown. We surely need all of this added perspective! Furthermore, whereas Jesus paid the full price in order to ransom us, you and I may still hesitate over paying the full costs of discipleship, including developing the key attributes of a disciple.
Likewise, though Christ successfully resisted all temptations, we still dally, and we may take some temptations under advisement. No wonder the eloquence of His example is so powerful, for the scriptures say He “gave no heed” to temptation (see D&C 20:22).
We also tend to shrug off the persistent reminders of our sins of omission, as if our avoidance of the super sins of transgression and commission were enough. It is my opinion that in the realm of the sins of omission we can make more major, though quiet, progress than in any other place. That is particularly true of a conscientious people.
Like His Father, Jesus exemplifies love perfectly. He so loved the Father and us that He meekly and submissively let His will be completely swallowed up in the will of the Father in order to accomplish the Atonement, including blessing billions and billions of us with the unmerited, universal resurrection. What He did is staggering to contemplate. No wonder He can help us along. He knows the way.
So profound and comprehensive is Christ’s love that even during His infinite suffering, He still noticed and nurtured finite sufferers who endured so much less anguish than He had to bear. For instance, He noticed and restored an assailant’s severed ear in the Garden of Gethsemane. On the cross, He directed John to take care of His mother, Mary. He comforted a thief on a nearby cross.
In contrast, when you and I let ourselves get stuck in the ooze of our own self-pity, we fail to notice the needs of others. With a little more effort, we can become a little more noticing and a little more nurturing. Let us reflect on our circles of love. Are they increasing in size, or are they static? What is the quality of our caring for those within those circles? Do we avoid lazy stereotyping? It’s so easy to deal with people as functions and stereotypes instead of as individuals. Are we lovingly patient with others who are also striving to develop? Or do we, judgmentally and impatiently, constantly pull up the daisies to see how their roots are doing?
President Brigham Young (1801–77) declared of love, so fundamental to everything else: “There is one virtue [or] attribute, … which, if cherished and practiced by the Saints, would prove salvation to thousands upon thousands. I allude to charity, or love, from which proceed forgiveness, long suffering, kindness, and patience.” All other virtues are derivatives and reflections of love!

As we strive to become more Christ-like, I don't want you just to do what Jesus would do, or in other words, imitate Jesus. Instead, I want you to really become like him, so that you will naturally do what He would do, say what He would say, be patient and long suffering as He is, forgive as He forgives, see others as He would see them, and love as He loves. 
May each of you be blessed in your journey to become like our Savior

-Elder Gibbons-

Keep Trying. Keep Pushing. Keep Believing. Keep Growing. Heaven is Cheering You on Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

Monday, July 24, 2017

24 July 2017 Week 57

Happy Pioneer Day!!!

So I have some pretty exciting news for you all this week! We had Transfer calls. Thats right I will be staying in the turks and caicos for a while! But it is sad to say that I will have to be saying goodbye to Elder Shepherd! He leaves on tuesday, and my new companion just arived today! His name is Elder Houston, ironicaly he is from Houston Texas... But the news does not stop there. I will be training Elder Houston for about 3 weeks! Then he will be heading to grand cayman, to whom I will then receive a next missionary called Elder Burin from Haiti, and I will be training him as well! I can't believe it I will be training in the land of turks off Island haha. But wait the excitement does not stop there! I have been also called to be the district leader of the off island zone/ district. Let me tell you I was stressed out of my mind when I received this call, but things are good now haha! 

But I look forward to getting to update you on everything that will be happening this next transfer! 

Some exciting news is that we have a baptism on sunday for a man named jean. He does not speak any english only french and creole. Plus it is going to be on the worlds number one beach. He has asked me to baptize him, so I am excited for that as well. 

I will send some pictures later today But this week has been crazy and is getting crazier haha. 

-Elder Gibbons-

Keep Trying. Keep Pushing. Keep Believing. Keep Growing. Heaven is Cheering You on Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.