Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Short & Simple

Well this week I don't have much that happened!!
But I think that the biggest struggle this week was Elder Hatch's  bike problems.
We were fixing it every single day,  idk why the bikes don't like us down here - haha.
But this week it rained really hard and and we got soaked again & I have a little voice recording that basically explain the highlights of the week.
So I will make sure that I get to send that.

But I love you all so much<3
I will serve with all my heart might mind and strength!

Elder Gibbons 
(As you can tell he was not able to send the voice recording so short and simple is this weeks letter - AAARGH!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


{My Son, the man of few words}

So this week I became a father. 
I gave birth to a new missionary.
My new companion and trainee is Elder Hatch.
He is from Orange County California.
He is 18 years old and he is 6'2"
Elder Hatch I have become really good freinds this week.
We also work very hard.
We had the highest numbers this week.
But even better than that we aere able to have another baptism.
We baptized a young man named Neiko McCalla. He is 18 years old and already wants to serve a mission.
He calls himself super Elder McCalla. But Neiko asked me if I would baptize him.
So I had the priviledge of doing so.
Everything was so smooth and perfect, and we only had to do it once.
When we got out he says to me that was so cool.
Can we do it again??
I was laughing so hard!
But that is all that really happened this week.
We have 6 new investigators which is awesome.
But nothing to out of the ordinary, except my bike keeps breaking. So that is fustrating.
I did not have a bike all week.
We have been walking every where, but the exercise is good right??
I love you all
Thank you for all your support!
Serve Him with all your heart might mind and strength
Elder Stone Gibbons

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hate Saying Goodbye!

So for this email it will have been for the last couple of weeks here in Jamaica due to the hurricane.
But I had the chance to go on a trade off with my DL.
His name is Elder Porter.
Me and him get along so well.
We were laughing so hard all day.
He reminds me of you dad haha.
We would constantly quote Christmas vacation!!
I was able to have my birthday which was amazing.
We also had a zone meeting on that day and Our president brought us cookies.
Because another sister in my zone shares the same birthday with me.
After the meeting we went to eat at a cookshop with all the missionaries.
later that night we had a member feed us. And another member gave us ice cream.
Saturday October 1, we got to spend all day watching both sessions of general conference.
IT was so great but we had no investigators show up which was disappointing.
But on Sunday we only had the chance to watch the morning session due to the hurricane.
We were stuck inside for 3 days...
But the hurricane never came just a tropical storm.
But I got the chance to finish the Book of Mormon.
Now onto the Bible.
It has been crazy though cause all of our investigators dropped us this week.
So we have to white wash the area again.
But the exciting news is that we have another baptism this weekend.
His name is Neiko.
He is a 18 year old young man who is just plain amazing.
He wants to become a missionary and help us teach lessons.
And he asked me to be the one to baptize him.
I cant wait!
But we just received word that we will be getting our new trainees on Tuesday due to a delay.
So I get to spend one last p-day with Elder Smith.
We had the chance to go and workout at our zone leaders house this morning and they have a bench press.
I was able to get up 200lbs.
I guess you could say I am getting stronger haha.
but we also get to go play a little futbol today.
But as for now I love you all!<3
Serve with all your heart might mind and strength.

Elder Gibbons