Monday, August 29, 2016


This week we had so much more success!!
We hit the reset button and began finding new investigators.
This turned out to be the best idea yet haha.
We have had so many more teaching appointments!
We do this thing that we have a lesson with them right on the spot.
It has been going well that is how we have gotten most of our investigators.
One of them happens to be this man named Anthony.
He is so interested in what we have to say and he keeps commitments.
He has began reading the book of mormon and it makes sense to him.
I invited him to be baptized and he said if he knows it is true then he will.
We are excited for him.

The weather has been all kind of crazy this week.
One day it is super hot and in 10 mins it can turn to poop.
That is what happened this week.
We had this massive rainstorm bumrush us.
But it is funny because the Jamaicans are afraid of the rain.
So no one will be outside during it but us.
We were literally wet to the point of where we looked like we jumped in a pool.
But it is considered winter down here and it is still 93 degrees. 
Hottest winter of my life so far!

The reason I gave this email this name is because of Two reasons:
1: This week I fell of my bike twice!
Don't ask me how it happened it just did.
But I am like a cat I landed on all fours and twos haha.
I never got dirty just scraped up my hands.
2: It's not even my bike and I had to take it apart and put it back together again and oil it so I would not have so many punctures.
It was rough!!

I had Jamaican ice cream this week and in my opinion it might be better then american icecream.
I think it might be because of how much sugar that they put in everything down here.
I love it though.

Dad you will like this one.
I had the opportunity to listen to all of Truman G. Madsons Profile of a prophet on Joseph smith this week and I absolutely loved it.
Joseph smith was such a cool man ugh.

Anyways I love you all.
Until next week!

Love Elder Gibbons

Monday, August 22, 2016

We Hit a Rough Patch!

The reason I gave this email this title is pretty self explanatory.
This week we had no appointments...
They all fell through and didn't want anything to do with us.
This was a low blow on me because I loved them so much and saw greatness in them.
But we all have to go through pain to know what we need to work on.
So we decided after much prayer that we needed to drop everyone..
We decided to hit the reset button and completely find new people that are ready to hear the truths that we teach!

Other then that this week was still really fun and productive.
The highlight of my week was that we had our first baptism on saturday!
It was the most amazing experience.
She thanked us like a thousand times for making her dreams come true.
We helped her get married and then get baptized all in the same week.
She loves us so much. 
She is a choice daughter of god, and we found her..

This week I had the opportunity to study the bible.
I came across something so interesting.
The bible talks about there being giants. literal giants.
I kept reading and looked deeper and the giants were about 13 cubits.
that is about 11 feet tall.
Think about it. there were people that were 11 feet tall walking around on the earth.
I was just astounded when I read this.

I'm so excited to here about jocelyn getting married.
I got her wedding announcement and it was so good!!
I really wish I could be there, but I will be in spirit..
Congratulations Sis:)

Something funny that has happened this week is that down here in Jamaica everyone is brutally honest!!
Some told me that I am getting fat
another told me that my acne is really bad considering that it is not haha.
But a lot of people down here have really good skin so thats why they say it.
But I have gained about 20 lbs being out here on this mission.
I now why 165! trust me it is not all fat...
I work out everymorning and am getting big. 
Watch out hunter and dad!

I love you all thank you for everything!!

Their First Baptism!!!
He thinks he looks like an Angel - Goof Ball!

Elder Bennett - One of the Spanish Town  Zone Leaders that is getting transferred this week

Monday, August 15, 2016



This week has been incredible.
We had so much happen that I don't even know where to start!
So actually this week I had the opportunity to go on a trade off.
I got to basically train Elder Hirshci for the day.
He is another missionary from Riverton.
What a small world.
He told me that he learned so much from me and wants to become a better missionary such as me.
He sees how serious I am taking things and wants to be like me haha.
So that was one of the best things I have heard.
The lessons that we taught were amazing, the spirit was so strong.
We made one of our investigators cry and she sang for us.
I loved every minute of it.
I don't normally get eaten alive by mosquitos but I did this week and I was freaking out haha.
So I need to start putting on mosquito repellant to be safe.

This week has been rough on my body though.
I have not been feeling good all week.
I don't know what it could possibly be.
I have had headaches everyday and my stomach has been hurting.
I won't tell you the rest haha.
I am constantly having to go to the bathroom I'll tell ya that much.

This week we had the opportunity to go to a fireside.
Elder Martinez, Sister Marriott,  2nd counselor in the relief society presidency, and Sister Burton president of relief society!!
It was such a good meeting.
They talked about how we can become more zion like people it was awesome.

But the food here continues to get better and better.
They have these things here called Patties.
It is basically beef inside of a cheez-it crust.
It is about the size of a taco.
They are so good!!!!
Then after that we walked over to KFC and got some food there.
So much better here then in the states.
I have been eating so much. I can just pound down food like it is nothing.

Anyways we have our first baptism this week.
Our investigator is getting married on Wednesday, and then baptized on Saturday.
To bad I don't get the privilege of doing it.'
That's ok though. I know I will have plenty more opportunities.

I love you all so much!!
Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Elder Gibbons

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


This week has been awesome.
But at the same time very slow and disappointing.
It was holiday week here in Jamaica.
Basically every single one of our appointments fell through.
That is the struggle of being a missionary.
We are traveling in the hot sun sweating all day and to top it off we don't teach.
But we are going to make this week so much better.

This week we had the opportunity to travel to Kingston and shop there.
They have this store called price mart and it is basically Costco.
Everything comes in bundles and it is awesome.
We had one of our investigators this week feed us. Finally!!
We had fried fish and rice and peas.
It was pretty good but I am not the biggest fan of fish.
But I have trained myself now to be able to eat large portions of food.
haha I hope I can actually gain some weight.
But that doesn't happen if you don't work out. 
So me and Elder Smith are doing this work out program that is going to get us big.

The reason that I gave this email the name is because that every time I go outside when it is sunny I get burnt no matter what.
haha I have the worst farmers tan in the world.
But today we had the opportunity to go and have a zone P-day.
We got together and had a basketball tournament and soccer tournament.
We won in basketball they won in soccer.
I am getting so much better and soccer. All I need is some boots.
Boots are soccer shoes or cleats.

I am still struggling on understanding the language down here.
People talk so different I can't even understand half the time.
You have to pick out words you do know.
I just need to continue to pray for the gift of tongues.
Some exciting news though is that I might have my first baptism next week.
I am so excited.
All she needed to do was get married and she is this week.

I love you all so much.
If you have any questions just let me know.
I can't wait to hear from you all.
Have an amazing week!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Elder Stone Gibbons, Bro. Danvers, Elder Justin Smith 
Spanish Town, Jamaica 
August 1, 2016 "Emancipation Day"

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


     Whaguan everyone! That's hello or whats up.
So this week has been a little bit more rough than others.
We had a ton of lessons that fell through.  I hate when this happens, it makes me so upset.
But the investigators that we have are so amazing.
     We have this one named Rohan, who I know we will baptize.
He has been struggling a little bit with his relationship with his wife. But we taught a lesson around that, he was so interested.  He ended up coming with us to a cottage meeting, which is FHE.
     Talking with people about the gospel here is so easy.
There are so many different religions here in Jamaica, that they all will talk.
Some can be very hard hearted though.
     The reason that I gave this email this name is because the weather is crazy.
one day it will be really hot and the next it will be raining.
So yesterday, today, and tomorrow there is suppose to be a tropical storm, that should lead to a hurricane which is exciting.  So we have been walking and biking around and getting drenched.  But since it has been raining it has been really muddy so all my clothes get mud on them.
     It's whatever haha.
     The food here in Jamaica is amazing. I can't even describe it.
The bugs however are still big and still fast. I have yet to see a 40 legger.
Not only that, we have a new pet in our house. Yep, its a mouse.
we can't seem to find him and where he is hiding, but we will eventually.
I'm thinking that I might need to get a haircut today. My hair is getting super long.
But it hasn't started curling which is really weird.
     Everyday day we wake up at 5:00 am to go running and workout.
I'm trying to get a little more size.  But we have gotten the chance to play basketball and soccer being here. I hate to brag but I am still one of the most athletic people here.
besides the Jamaicans haha. They tell me that I am really fast and that's coming from a Jamaican himself. But I am starting to get better at soccer.
     I'm not going to lie.  but I really miss American food.  I want McDonald's right now hahaha!!!
     But overall I am loving the people of Jamaica.  I have been able to strengthen my testimony so much.  I started reading the B.O.M when I got to Jamaica and I just finished Alma!  I am almost done haha.
     I love listening to gospel music here it calms me down so much.  I love being able to feel the spirit everyday all day.  I am learning so much on how to become and effective missionary.
     I am still trying to understand the people here.  It is still so hard to understand.
But it comes with time and being patient.
I love you all so much thank you supporting me and keeping me in your prayers.

Love Elder Gibbons