Tuesday, August 2, 2016


     Whaguan everyone! That's hello or whats up.
So this week has been a little bit more rough than others.
We had a ton of lessons that fell through.  I hate when this happens, it makes me so upset.
But the investigators that we have are so amazing.
     We have this one named Rohan, who I know we will baptize.
He has been struggling a little bit with his relationship with his wife. But we taught a lesson around that, he was so interested.  He ended up coming with us to a cottage meeting, which is FHE.
     Talking with people about the gospel here is so easy.
There are so many different religions here in Jamaica, that they all will talk.
Some can be very hard hearted though.
     The reason that I gave this email this name is because the weather is crazy.
one day it will be really hot and the next it will be raining.
So yesterday, today, and tomorrow there is suppose to be a tropical storm, that should lead to a hurricane which is exciting.  So we have been walking and biking around and getting drenched.  But since it has been raining it has been really muddy so all my clothes get mud on them.
     It's whatever haha.
     The food here in Jamaica is amazing. I can't even describe it.
The bugs however are still big and still fast. I have yet to see a 40 legger.
Not only that, we have a new pet in our house. Yep, its a mouse.
we can't seem to find him and where he is hiding, but we will eventually.
I'm thinking that I might need to get a haircut today. My hair is getting super long.
But it hasn't started curling which is really weird.
     Everyday day we wake up at 5:00 am to go running and workout.
I'm trying to get a little more size.  But we have gotten the chance to play basketball and soccer being here. I hate to brag but I am still one of the most athletic people here.
besides the Jamaicans haha. They tell me that I am really fast and that's coming from a Jamaican himself. But I am starting to get better at soccer.
     I'm not going to lie.  but I really miss American food.  I want McDonald's right now hahaha!!!
     But overall I am loving the people of Jamaica.  I have been able to strengthen my testimony so much.  I started reading the B.O.M when I got to Jamaica and I just finished Alma!  I am almost done haha.
     I love listening to gospel music here it calms me down so much.  I love being able to feel the spirit everyday all day.  I am learning so much on how to become and effective missionary.
     I am still trying to understand the people here.  It is still so hard to understand.
But it comes with time and being patient.
I love you all so much thank you supporting me and keeping me in your prayers.

Love Elder Gibbons

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