Monday, August 29, 2016


This week we had so much more success!!
We hit the reset button and began finding new investigators.
This turned out to be the best idea yet haha.
We have had so many more teaching appointments!
We do this thing that we have a lesson with them right on the spot.
It has been going well that is how we have gotten most of our investigators.
One of them happens to be this man named Anthony.
He is so interested in what we have to say and he keeps commitments.
He has began reading the book of mormon and it makes sense to him.
I invited him to be baptized and he said if he knows it is true then he will.
We are excited for him.

The weather has been all kind of crazy this week.
One day it is super hot and in 10 mins it can turn to poop.
That is what happened this week.
We had this massive rainstorm bumrush us.
But it is funny because the Jamaicans are afraid of the rain.
So no one will be outside during it but us.
We were literally wet to the point of where we looked like we jumped in a pool.
But it is considered winter down here and it is still 93 degrees. 
Hottest winter of my life so far!

The reason I gave this email this name is because of Two reasons:
1: This week I fell of my bike twice!
Don't ask me how it happened it just did.
But I am like a cat I landed on all fours and twos haha.
I never got dirty just scraped up my hands.
2: It's not even my bike and I had to take it apart and put it back together again and oil it so I would not have so many punctures.
It was rough!!

I had Jamaican ice cream this week and in my opinion it might be better then american icecream.
I think it might be because of how much sugar that they put in everything down here.
I love it though.

Dad you will like this one.
I had the opportunity to listen to all of Truman G. Madsons Profile of a prophet on Joseph smith this week and I absolutely loved it.
Joseph smith was such a cool man ugh.

Anyways I love you all.
Until next week!

Love Elder Gibbons

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