Monday, August 22, 2016

We Hit a Rough Patch!

The reason I gave this email this title is pretty self explanatory.
This week we had no appointments...
They all fell through and didn't want anything to do with us.
This was a low blow on me because I loved them so much and saw greatness in them.
But we all have to go through pain to know what we need to work on.
So we decided after much prayer that we needed to drop everyone..
We decided to hit the reset button and completely find new people that are ready to hear the truths that we teach!

Other then that this week was still really fun and productive.
The highlight of my week was that we had our first baptism on saturday!
It was the most amazing experience.
She thanked us like a thousand times for making her dreams come true.
We helped her get married and then get baptized all in the same week.
She loves us so much. 
She is a choice daughter of god, and we found her..

This week I had the opportunity to study the bible.
I came across something so interesting.
The bible talks about there being giants. literal giants.
I kept reading and looked deeper and the giants were about 13 cubits.
that is about 11 feet tall.
Think about it. there were people that were 11 feet tall walking around on the earth.
I was just astounded when I read this.

I'm so excited to here about jocelyn getting married.
I got her wedding announcement and it was so good!!
I really wish I could be there, but I will be in spirit..
Congratulations Sis:)

Something funny that has happened this week is that down here in Jamaica everyone is brutally honest!!
Some told me that I am getting fat
another told me that my acne is really bad considering that it is not haha.
But a lot of people down here have really good skin so thats why they say it.
But I have gained about 20 lbs being out here on this mission.
I now why 165! trust me it is not all fat...
I work out everymorning and am getting big. 
Watch out hunter and dad!

I love you all thank you for everything!!

Their First Baptism!!!
He thinks he looks like an Angel - Goof Ball!

Elder Bennett - One of the Spanish Town  Zone Leaders that is getting transferred this week

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