Monday, November 21, 2016

Month 5!

So today I hit my 5 month mark!! It is crazy how fast it has gone by... But there was not to much that happened this week just really busy with a lot of lessons. So in total this week I think we may have taught about 40 lessons. You may not think that is a lot but it is way above average! But sadly we had 5 investigators promise us that they were going to be at church and we had a whopping zero show up. Jamaicans just don't know that when they promise us they are going to be at church, they are promising god! We will have a much better week this week. We are going to involve more members this week so we can get more fellowship for these investigators. Because the member is the most important part for an investigators conversion. They will be there to help them and frequently check up on them. 
But this week we had an awkward encounter with a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses. They approached us and started talking to us. It is so funny to notice when someone is nervous. This young man was shaking so bad! Elder Hatch and I just played it cool and were super bold. We did not bash or argue with them we just shared our message with them and their's with us. But you can tell the difference between someone who knows true doctrine and has the lord on their side then someone who does not. The lord is always with us and gives us the things that we need to say when we need them most!
But every Sunday we get invited to go up to a member house in the ward and eat dinner with the other Elders. But this is not some ordinary dinner it is a dinner that she tries to feed you to much. Her goal is to try to make enough food that the missionaries can not finish it. Just from eating at her house I feel like I gain 3 pounds!! I will tell you that biking for the rest of the week is so hard haha. But she loves the missionaries and is super aggressive!
But this week I had the opportunity to try a new fruit. It is called Jack-fruit! It has been decided that Pineapple and Jack-fruit are my new favorites. I could basically live off of them. 

Not to much this week but there will be next week!
I love you all so much<3
Thank you for your prayers!
God Speed!

Love Stone

PS No pictures again this week - He said not enough time (SLACKER) 

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