Monday, December 5, 2016


So we had a crazy busy week... Not too much happened on the good ole proselyting, but with the move. So this week was finally the week we moved. It was one of the most stressful events of my whole entire life.. But we got everything sorted out and I can finally relax a likkle bit. BTW likkle means little. Oh and yeah my Patois is coming in real nice. I can basically understand it and speak it haha. When they gave me my call packet and they said that you will be speaking English and that it is an english speaking mission, I think they may have been mistaken! Because honestly I feel like I am speaking a foreign language down here haha. But we are teaching this man that has been in prison for the last 22 years in the United States. Honestly getting to know him it seems like he wouldn't even hurt a fly. But he wants to make a change in his life and Elder Hatch and I bore Sincere Testimony to him and straight up told him that this is the change that he has been looking for. He is progressing very well and is preparing to be baptized on December 24!! I know it is crazy to think that we will have a baptism on christmas Eve! But the one thing that I did want to talk about this week was the Christmas Initiative. #LightTheWorld. I am so excited to participate in this, this christmas season. I love being able to serve Jesus Christ. And now I can do it 25 ways in 25 days. I can't wait for some of the experiences that I will have with this upcoming Christmas season! We had the opportunity to watch the christmas devotional yesterday. My favorite talk was by Henry B. Eyring. It made me think of the christmas tradition in our family that we do every christmas eve. I can honestly remember doing it and getting to play some of those exact roles.  I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ in my life. Through Him I can return to live in gods presence and experience true joy and happiness. I invite you all this christmas season to be apart of this LIGHT THE WORLD. Be the light this christmas! I love you all and I especially love the time I have to serve here in Jamaica!! And for all of you don't worry... I'll dunk one for ya!<3

Elder Gibbons
The New House in Spanish Town

The Beauty and the Bad of hiking!

Elder Hatch & I

The Old  House in Spanish Town

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