Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Skype!

So we are over the Moon that we were finally able to Skype with Stone!   He looked so awesome and sounded even better!  
No EMAIL this week, Due to Boxing day and Transfers and Christmas but I thought I would tell you some highlights from our Skype. 

  • He had fun news for us  - He will be transferred this week to Spanish Town - Wait you say he is in Spanish Town - YES, he is staying and leaving in the same breathe!  
  • He will be assigned as "ZONE Leader" in Spanish Town with Elder Warren from Gilbert, AZ, and is super excited to be in a truck and not on a bike for a while.  
  • He will change residences but be in Spanish Town still!  (I told him no driving cause it's on the opposite side of the street - we'll see how that goes???) 
  • We learned that Spanish Town is the Capital of Murders in Jamaica - So That's something I get to sleep on each night... 
  • He loves, the people, loves the food;  lots and lots of chicken, Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken and Fried Chicken - Loves his mission!  

As a Mom, I am grateful for everyone who loves my Son, who writes to him, sends him packages, prays for him, who feeds him, who listens to his testimony and is able to be a part of his daily life!  6 1/2 months down only 17 1/2 to go! I'm posting some photos he sent and some we took on Christmas day!  

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