Monday, December 19, 2016


So this week was pretty chalk full of events that occurred. 

Monday: So this past monday we had the chance as a zone to play football together. Afterwards I was so sore I could barely move. But then today we had the chance to play again as a zone. This time I brought Neiko with me, as well as his best friend Matthew. They are so good. I love them both.
But I have really been craving coconuts recently. They are really good? Are they healthy? Idk.. But we were able to see Vanessa as well. She is still preparing to be baptized, but we may be stuck between a hard place and a rock with her mom. But we will see if we can talk to her and basically gain a relationship with her as well.

Tuesday: We had the opportunity to give service for a member in our ward. We went and we chopped yard for 2 hours. Let me tell you that my rotater cuff was hurting so bad. We were hacking at tall grass for a long time. But I was able to enhance my baseball skills and was able to chop effectively. 
But as I mentioned above we met this young man whos name is Matthew. He is Neiko's friend and he is super amazing. He loves to dance, so I made sure to take a video for you Zoey. You will love him. He loves to dance and play football and he is fast. He does multiple styles of dance and does it as a job. But he wants to know more about Jesus Christ and how he can become closer to him. We answered all his questions and basically told us that he knows it is true.

Wednesday: We had zone meeting this week. And it was super motivational. I basically had a call to repentance and learned how I can better be seen as a representative as Our Lord and Savior. I love being able to have these meetings. They keep me motivated to do my best, and really strive to change. But we had a chance to see this young man named Taj as well. We have been teaching him for a while and he reads his Book of Mormon every night and prays and comes to church. He is going to be baptized on the 31st of December. We are really excited for him.

Thursday: I finally had the opportunity to take Elder Hatch to KFC. He honestly loved it so much. But a coincidence is that we saw our bishop there. But he went to get pizza hut instead haha. Our bishop is really awesome. But we had to clean our whole house on thursday because it was infested with Bush Mites from when we went hiking. So we lysol sprayed our whole house to kill all the germs and then had to wash every single item of clothing. It was super Chaotic..

Friday: So something that we were focusing on at Zone meeting was to get investigators into member homes. We were able to get Taj into neiko home. And the spirit was so strong. He came with a couple of concerns and then when the lesson finished he told us that I no longer have any concerns. Taj is progressing really well.

Saturday: A couple of other missionaries this week had a baptism at our building. We went because we were suppose to have investigators their, but they couldn't make it. But it was one of the best baptismal services that I have seen down here. After the baptism we went out with all the other Elders to lunch. We went to this place called Sakura. It is this really good Chinese restaurant. I love being able to spend some time with them. But we were able to pick up some football jearsy's as well. I got a Liver Pool one.

Sunday: So at church we were expecting to have 5 investigators at church. Turns out we had 4 there. They were Taj, Matthew, Ellousie, and Vanessa. They are all preparing to be baptized either next week or the week after. I am very excited about the teaching pool that we have at this point. But again we were able to head up to Momma Eddies for dinner again, and HOLY MOSES!!! I ate some curry chicken, with Rice and Peas, and some salad. Then When I thought it was all done she brought out dessert. And it was Icecream! I have never felt so fat in my life!

So this week could possibly be my last week in spanish town.. This saturday we have transfer calls, and I can honestly say that I am sad to leave. Elder Hatch has been a really good companion to serve with and we started something really good. But we will find out if I will be staying or I will be leaving. My goal is that Elder Hatch trains. 
But I am thankful for the chance I had to serve here and meet some amazing people. 

I love you all and will let you know what happens next week!!!

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