Monday, December 12, 2016

Stake Conference 2016

​So this week not to much happened.. But lets get right into it shall we?
So actually ​this morning was really really fun. Our zone got together and we played some futbol. We actually have some really good talent here in Spanish Town. But you could basically say that I am the next Ronaldo/Beckam. JK JK JK. But you could say that my soccer skills are really kicking in haha. I can bend it like beckam. Actually Elder Hatch is really good. He says he isn't but he has got some skill.
But this week Elder Hatch and I were able to give some service to a member of our ward this week. He asked us to help him spread some rock, as well as chop some yard! Thats right we chopped some yard with machetes. I got a gnarly blister on my thumb and index finger. But it was all worth it in the end because they rewarded us with some Jelly! AKA coconut. Super refreshing.
As well this week, we had Stake conference. So for the first session on saturday, all the missionaries got together and had a priesthood executive council meeting. This was really needed to help progress some of the work down here. We came up with some good ideas to get the work moving forward!! Hasten The Work. But afterwards we got fed cake and ice cream, it was so good. I am really craving it right now... But the following day we had the second session where all the members came to our ward building. Let me tell you it was jam packed! Us missionaries got banished into another room. But the topic of discussion was getting a temple in Jamaica. The only way that is possible if we have 5 stakes. It is going to take some work but I know that in 4 years time that there will be one here!! I am so excited.
But that is it for this week!! But as well I learned Some Hatian Creil! Which is really cool
But Mezi Boku (Thank you) for all your love and support!

Elder Gibbons (aka Gibby)

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