Monday, May 1, 2017

1 May 2017 WEEK 45

    We had a really good week. Elder Shepherd and I continue to work hard and be worthy instruments in the hand of the lord. We have set new goals this week and we are very excited to start putting them into action. We plan on trying to do some new finding ideas. One of them is going to be giving tours of the church building. 
    Another one we have is we are going to be teaching on the first contact. We already are having success with this already. But this last weekend we were able to have a training with elder Martinez via skype. And I very much enjoyed it. We received so much revelation for our proselyting area. 
    I almost forgot, but we have also come to a conclusion in our companionship that we need to be focusing our lessons more on our savior Jesus Christ, because that is the center of our message. As we focus on teaching the doctrine of Christ, we will begin to help people repent. But one really cool experience that we had this week; on Thursday night we had a tropical storm here and we were suppose to have a bible study class but no one showed up so we cancelled it due to weather. So we decided to go contacting out in the storm. On our way to an area we felt prompted to go there was a car in the middle of the street that ran out of gas. We parked our car and helped push the car out of the road while the husband went and got gas. Later that night after we got to teach a couple lessons in the rain we were wet and ready to turn in for the night, but on our way home we ran into the same car with the same problem. So we got out and helped push this car again, but this time we were pushing it up a hill. I was struggling helping push this car up this steep hill but the lord gave us strength and we helped this man and his wife. After we finished the man came up to us and thanked us a whole heap. He then said when I see you again I owe you big time. We then sat there and shared with him our message. He said he would look into it. But it really made me have a love for serving others. This is a personal goal I have set this week is to look for more opportunities to serve others.
Mosiah 2:17-" I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom, that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God."

(This is an exert from his note to the Mission President) 

What a marvelous privilege and experience it was to have our special "mission gathering" this past weekend. Our visitors all commented on the goodness and spirituality they felt as they shook our hands. I felt the same thing, and was overwhelmed several times. 
We were taught the importance of teaching by the Spirit, the doctrine of Christ, why we teach repentance and how repentance always leads to change, to focus on a dream about baptisms, that we are all a team and should support one another as we all work toward the same goals, the prayer of faith, not to play small but instead play big and lay all on the alter of sacrifice, the absolute necessity of having charity, staying focused on goals and working with faith to reach them, and finally we learned what a difference it can make if we are happy, smile, and are optimistic. 
-Elder Gibbons-

Keep Trying. Keep Pushing. Keep Believing. Keep Growing. Heaven is Cheering You on Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

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