Monday, March 27, 2017

27 March 2017 WEEK 40

    I can't even begin to describe the change being in the Turks. It's just so exciting. This week has been full of new adventures and stories. I think the most difficult thing that I have noticed is the language barrier between us. A lot of the island is of Haitian nationality/Dominican nationality. We either speak little to none Haitian Creole, or little to none Spanish. You will find a couple people here and there that are Portuguese or are from the Philippines and speak Tagalog. I think it surprises them when we come up and talk with them in English. Probably because they don't understand what we are saying.  
    But along the lines with that, we are constantly in a lance with finding, teaching, and baptizing. That was the main focus of our district meeting this week. I have definitely seen the blessings that have come from talking with everyone. When we teach lessons though, it is a whole new story. When we teach, because of the language barrier, we have to teach the most simple you have ever heard. We use all kinds of tools, including a white board. Who knew right? 
    But the thing that struggles the most over here is probably the branch itself. There are over 100 people on membership record, and only 13-30 come every week. That includes tourists. So we are excited to get to work with the members, and less/not active members. It is hard because we have no idea where they live. They don't have any address written down. And some phone numbers don't work. It is going to be a lot of work, but we know that the lord is in it. Elder shepherd and I are still continuing to warm up to each other. He is very quiet, while I love to talk a lot. He is an awesome missionary, I am excited to serve with him. I would love to hear of any suggestions on how we can increase our church attendance with our less active members?

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