Friday, July 1, 2016

WOW 10 Days In!

So this past week has been crazy busy!! So much has happened and I have wanted to tell you all about it. Friday couldn't come any faster. Anyways the days are going by a whole lot faster, then they were the first week. We have class for about 10 hours a day and that can get to be a little rough but I can get through it haha. We teach about 5 lessons a day. To me I feel that is a lot haha. I was able to watch The Character of Christ video given by Elder Bednar. It was amazing! There are two things that I want to talk about. The first being about my investigators in the TRC. Me and my awesome companion have 2 investigators that we teach everyday. The first being Nathan. He goes to BYU to get a business degree but he is more along the sides of being atheist. We got a good lesson in with him about my companions conversion story and he seemed so interested and had so many questions, we also made him cry. But then we came back and he could joke around the whole time and not take us serious. It was rough annoying but we still love him and are trying to figure out what we think he needs to hear. Our other investigator is Jose. He loves to box and workout. So I was able to relate with him so much and get to know him. He loves the lessons that we give him and he loves god. We invited him to be baptized. He didn't think he was worthy enough and had some doubts but he really wants to become a member and get baptized. So we told him that He needs to pray and ask for himself. We know that he wants to and we will do everything that we can to have him receive the gospel of Jesus Christ in his life. So yeah that is the first thing. The second has been one of the most spiritual moments of my life so far. This week I was able to give 2 blessings. That's right only been here a week and already have to blessings. The first blessing that I gave was to our investigator Jose. He suffers from anxiety and depression. He felt that there was this fog in his mind and it was super hard to get through a day. So I gave him a blessing of comfort and commanded that the fog be lifted from his mind. We came back the next day to find that he is able to focus more intently and felt as if it worked. And I know our heavenly father was looking out for him. The second blessing that I was able to give was to one of the sisters in our district. She had come up with the flu and asked for a blessing. No one felt as if they wanted to so I said I will do it. We gave her that blessing and that night the flu had dispersed. The power of god is real. He looks after his children and loves them with a sincere heart. Anyways that is my exciting news for this week. I love you all and want to hear from you! 

With love, 

Elder Gibbons

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