Monday, July 18, 2016


So after a long 2 flights I finally made it here to Jamaica!! 
And let me tell you it is one of the most beautiful places ever!
So the first day we arrived around 7pm on Saturday. Here we stayed with the assistants. 
Their house was so nice!
We woke up Sunday morning and that's when I got my new companion and new trainer Elder Smith!
He is awesome and super spiritual. 
He makes everything look so easy and I want that.
Again we have so much in common that it is really weird haha!
But We went to church for 6 hours holy cow!!!
We helped a lot of the members understand what was being taught though so it was a cool experience.
After we went to church he and I got taken to the house that we will be staying in.
It is really nice for Jamaica.
But there are ants, spiders, cockroaches, and ginormous centipedes everywhere in our house.
It is super gross but I have to get used to it and not think about it.
So guess what I have only been here officially 1 day and my companion and I already have 2 baptisms.
It is insane how much the people down here love talking about religion.
The Jamaicans can be hard to understand at times but I have boiled it down a little bit.
You hear music everywhere down here it is so cool.
I have had rice for every meal. haha 
Since I don't have a bike we literally have to walk everywhere. 
Just to get here to the internet cafe we had to walk 4 miles.
I can't wait to have a bike.
But we went grocery shopping and everything is over priced so we have to budget our money extremely well.
Im excited to see what this week has in store for us.
I will take more pics and upload more later.
It is hard to find a computer down here that will let us do that.
I am soaking wet all the time. 
Hopefully I get used to the weather soon.
Well Thats all I have for this week.
I can't wait till next week to share what experiences I have had.
I love you guys!!

Love, Elder Gibbons

PS I am currently serving in Spanish Town which is about 30 minutes from Kingston -

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