Friday, July 15, 2016

MTC you later!

The reason that I gave this email this name is because, this weekend I will be departing for Jamaica.
It has been a long 4 weeks, but it has been so worth it and so helpful!
I can't wait to go and share the gospel with those in Kingston.
So there is some exciting news that happen to me this week.
You remember my companion Elder Shafer? Well he had another doctors appointment this week and got some great news.
When he first broke his foot he was told he was going to work in the referral center for about 6 weeks. 
We went in for the check up appointment yesterday and guess what?
He is medically cleared for service. 
This means he is able to fly with us to Jamaica this weekend. The lord blesses the lives of those who have faith in him. 
I remember giving him a blessing and the next day the swelling and bruising in the foot was completely gone!
I can say that this was a miracle...
When I heard the news that he was able to travel with us I began to cry...
I love how much he wants to be with us and come with us. He is an amazing kid and is bound to do great things on his mission!
The funny thing about this week though is we were suppose to leave on tuesday. Our names disappeared off the MTC servers. So basically we were ghosts.
We got to make our own schedule which was so awesome.
And don't worry we made sure that we stayed productive:)
But In my district we have 3 region baseball players staying with each other it is so cool. 
What a small world.
You have me, Elder fisher from Westlake, and Elder Hardman from American Fork.
They are such cool guys.
I miss being able to listen to music, but I am beginning to love MOTAB.
I have a new favorite song... Glorious by David Archuleta.
It has such a great message and I listen to it all the time is ridiculous.
I am still eating a lot while I am here, and I haven't gotten to weigh myself again, so when I do I will make sure to let you guys know if I am continuing to gain weight.
Let Hunter know I say good luck on golf try-outs. He is a stud.
I'm going to miss all the people here at the MTC.
They have all impacted my life in one way or another. I had my opportunity to bear my testimony and I began to cry... But so did the rest of the missionaries..
The lord works in mysterious ways and touches the lives of others.
I'll make sure I let you guys know when I get to the airport so I can call you.
I want you all to continue to live each day to its fullest.  
This is such a beautiful world created by our Heavenly Father, what joy it brings to our lives.
Another thing is that I got my companion to sing Phantom of the Opera!!
He has such a great voice it is scary.
But we sound amazing together, not to brag or anything. 
All I have to do now is get him to sing Moulin Rouge.
I love you guys so much<3 It has been a busy 4 weeks. But it will be worth it in the end.
I will sprint to the end.

Love, Elder Gibbons

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