Friday, June 24, 2016


This is Stone's first P-day and he Wrote the following! 
Happy day for MOM 

So let me tell you that the first day of the MTC was great. It went by a little slow so that was the worst part. When we arrived we had an orientation meeting and got to meet people that work here at the MTC. After we did that we were taken to our classrooms to meet our teachers, companions, and districts. Let just tell you that our teachers are awesome. They love us so much and help us learn so fast. However I got my first companion. His name is Elder Shafer. He is from California just north of L.A. We have so many things in common and he is hilarious. I believe that I have the best district ever. There are a total of four of us who will be serving in the Jamaica Kingston Mission. The other two are Elder Christensen from Spanish Fork, and Elder Markwalter from Texas. All four of us live in the same residence and we have a blast. We laugh at each others jokes, and we all have something in common. So basically the first day was getting to know everyone and had a couple meetings that seemed like they lasted 5 hours but really only 2. 
Everyone says that the second day will be the hardest day. Honestly it was not. I felt as if it went by faster then day one and it was not as hard. The only hard thing about that day is we taught our first investigator. His name is Kenny. He heard about the church from his friend and invited us missionaries to teach him about the gospel. So me and Elder Shafer prayed to find inspiration on what we believed this man needed to hear. We taught him about faith and the family. We invited him to read chapters 1-3 of 1st Nephi, and invited him to let us keep giving him lessons. He committed to both which made us feel so good. We have things that we could work on, but we were able to teach by the spirit. That night we met with our branch presidency. I love them and the spirit that they bring. We were told that every Sunday we were to have a talk prepared because they will call on us at random to give one. So that will be interesting.  
So here I am today! Our P-days are on Fridays which is awesome but not at the same time haha. We wake up at 6 every morning to get ready. But today has been the most spiritual part so far. This morning we had the opportunity to be able to do an endowment session at the Provo temple. I finally got to see a different video!! I could feel the spirit so strong during the session. What I am upset about is that this was the only time and the last time that we will be able to go to the temple for 2 years. They are cleaning the temple for the final 2 weeks here. And the closest temple in Jamaica is in The Dominican Republic. I was a little chapped when they told us this but I will have to learn to get over it. My P-days are so chill. I get to relax a little bit and eat some really good food. I hope I gain some weight. But we end our P-days with classroom instruction. That starts at about 6 pm. 

Anyways I love everyone here and I can really connect with them. They are so much help to me and I to them. We all have this connection that brings us together. I plan on hearing from you guys each week and I can not wait to get to Jamaica. The lord loves each and everyone one of you. I have a sincere testimony about this gospel and the spirit of missionary work. Pictures to come soon if I can ever get my charger.

P.S. If you would be so kind enough to send me doughnuts I wouldn't even be mad or murmur. HAHA I love you everyone!
Elder Stone Gibbons

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  1. Awesome 1st letter...this boy sounds like he's a born missionary! So proud of him and his parents!