Monday, January 9, 2017

9, January 2017

So to start off this email, I saw something that I would not see anywhere besides Jamaica. This week we had to travel back and forth to different parts of the island to have district meetings. Us as Zone Leaders have to attend the district meetings in our zone. But on our way home from one of these meetings we saw a man riding his bike with a shark in his hand. It was like a 5 foot shark. But if you want to know what the life of a zone leader is like, here it is... We attend meetings, go to meetings, and teach meetings. It honestly is so crazy but it is so rewarding. Part of the time I feel physically exhausted, but I know that I need to work even harder. Driving has gotten a whole lot easier, I am working my way up to earn a PHD. Pot hole Dodger. The roads here are full of them. Today I had the opportunity to drive to Kingston. It is crazy there. You would never get away with some of the stuff they do here. It is so funny to see these things.

But something interesting that caught my attention this week, was seeing all the youth. The number of youth in this ward has grown a lot in the past 6 months. Now a couple of them are preparing to serve missions. I am so grateful for the example that they are setting. They have been bringing their friends to church and then we have the opportunity to go over to their house and teach them and baptize them.

With Love, 
Elder Gibbons

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