Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wait...What's Winter?

As you may all know that while you are freezing your butts off back home I am down here in paradise sweating till I am soaking wet.
The saying for that down here is "Sun hot"
So something that was a big slap to the face this week was that I remembered that transfer calls are in 2 weeks. I have 2 weeks of training left!!!
This means that I could be moving to a different part of the island,
I could be training a new missionary,
or I could be staying with Elder Smith another Transfer.
I haven't received any revelation on what is going to happen... yet...

So me and Elder Smith where talking and I said do you see any difference in my in size when I first came out?
He said no..
But then we looked and he said that oh I can see the difference now!
you are getting chubby...
Not the words I wanted to hear but oh well haha.
With our investigators this week it was a little better.
We have been extended the challenge by a member of the seventy to always extend a baptismal invitation.
So we do that to everyone that we contact.
It works.
We finally have one investigator on date again.
After a long while we have found someone that wants to change.
I love the people here in Jamaica.
This morning we had the opportunity to go and give service to a member in our ward and it was so fun.
All we did the whole time though was shovel rock into a wheelbarrow and move it into his house.
Jamaicans have really made me thankful for what I have.
They do not complain..
I feel so much more confident in talking to people.
I can feel god in my life so much right now.
My testimony continues to grow stronger and stronger.
I hope that I can make a change down here in Jamaica.
I love you all!!
Biggup yoself
ps. I got told I look liked a former missionary this whole transfer.
Everyone was telling me that they liked me
A random girl gave me a flower hahahaha.
I feel like I look nothing like the kid.

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