Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dodged a Bullet!

WEEK 12!!!!!

This week was crazy! 
That's all how I can explain it.
Ill give you a little rundown of what happened.

This week we were in the sketchiest part of Spanish town.
we had a group of people call us over and all they wanted was money.
We told them that the only thing we had was the word of god.
But all they wanted was money.
We told everyone that asked us to get in line.
They kept grabbing our bikes and stuff and we just said no we need that.
They are so funny and ridiculous.
They are so easy to trick though.

Um on Wednesday we got invited to a members home for a birthday party.
It was super fun.
They fed us crazy good and we had funny comments.
We got cake, ice cream, pizza candy you name it

One of the members in our ward is going apostate.
We have family home evening at her house every week.
This week we found out that she has been going to another church.
She has been baptized and comes to our church and now she wants to leave.
IT has been causing me a great head ache this whole week.
But you can't get in the way of peoples agency that they have.
All we can do is continue to encourage her.

Another thing that has been causing me headaches is one of our investigators is getting beat by her boyfriend.
Every night this happens and she won't leave him.
We can't do anything to get in the way.
If I weren't a missionary I would put that man in his place.

After I emailed last week we had to go to a doctors appointment for elder smith
he has been having problems with his bladder and we went and got blood work done for him.
But while we were there we got to share what missionaries do.
But they weren't interested in what we had to say at all.
We were white and that is all that mattered.
So we got hit on really hard and they were a no go.
especially since they were like 40 years old hahah.
But they told me that I was going to get raped by a bunch of 14 year old girls if I'm not careful.
What the heck??
Weirdest day of my life...

I got to give service this week and we had to pull weeds.
never thought I would have to do that down here...

But that is all for this week and it was very interesting.
I love you all so much.

Biggup yoself!!

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