Monday, September 26, 2016


This last Monday my companion and I pulled a reverse p-day.
We gave service in the morning and the member took us out to lunch after.
We had planned to get my bike later that day, so we got to email and headed up to a members house to play Rumikube.
We had pizza and got to talk about what was going on in college and the NFL.
After leaving this members house we ran to get my bike and the store was closed.
to top it off we did not get to shop because we had no money.
We had not been reimbursed from all the doctors appointments.
So I was frustrated all day, and came home and went to bed at 9

On Wednesday we had district meeting and it was very good and very spiritual.
Then afterwards these rain clouds came out of no where and it began to pour on us while we were riding home. 
Best decision ever....
We got soaking wet to the point it looked like we jumped  in a swimming pool.
The bad news was that everything in my bag got wet.
Including my scriptures...
But it was a great experience.
But when it rains here there are so many different pot holes on the road and they all fill up.
I was riding my bike through one and fell off my bike because that is how deep the hole was. 
Probably the highlight of my week.

But we were heading to a lesson on Saturday night and Elder Smith was riding my bike and a motorcycle cut him off and he squeezed my front brakes and went flying over the handle bars.
I had a mini heart attack.
But he landed in push up position and got right back up.
He got mashed up haha.

I can't wait for general conference this weekend.
I'm so excited to hear what the prophets have to council us about.

But today we had the chance to have a zone p-day.
we got together and went and played capture the flag in an old abandoned army base.
IT was super fun.
they all voted me the mvp.
I was doing Parkour so Hunter would be proud of me.
I got mashed up though.
I have cuts and bruises every where from falling and slipping.

Shout out to Elder Burns for his birthday is this week!!!
I love you man hope you make it the best memory ever.

I love you all thank you for the support!!

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