Monday, August 7, 2017

7 August 2017 Week 59

The dawning of a new day! As the months rolled past, we learned how to teach interactively, using scriptures and inspired questions, as taught by Elder Gamiette. We were more excited than ever! The months rolled by. Feelings such as “Why isn’t anything working as we thought it would?” crept into my thoughts.

Elder Gamiette counseled us to find our purpose; to find the one thing that the Lord sent me here to do. I am so grateful for this timely call, his counsel, and his encouraging words. His call and counsel have brought focus to my work once more. I believe I have found my purpose here.

I commit starting right now to be relentlessly positive, to not be inward focused, to become more like Jesus. Not just to act like Him, but to be like him in my heart and soul. 

It's a Beautiful, sunny morning here in the Turks and Caicos!
-Elder Gibbons-

Keep Trying. Keep Pushing. Keep Believing. Keep Growing. Heaven is Cheering You on Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

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